Young Voices for 2015


Last year’s Young Voices brought 220 students, teachers, family to screen short films from local schools. The bonus: a brief filmmaker course by professional documentary filmmaker Roger Sherman. We are reaching out again to middle and high school students on the East End of Long Island, Suffolk County to be part of YOUNG VOICES. Teachers and parents recognize this as a unique opportunity. Share this HT2FF special program with the youngsters around you and in your classes. Encourage them to make films. Submit their films and bring them to the YOUNG VOICES program at our 8th annual film festival on December 3, 2015. An added bonus: Roger Sherman, an acclaimed documentary filmmaker, will attend to teach the basics to create, shoot and edit a film with a video camera or cell phone.

Help grow an artist. Music, dance, paint and prose express young, fresh ideas. Yet the moving images of video film captivate fertile minds and spirits even more.  Cultivate their talents, nurture them, encourage them. There’s no telling what could develop. Years from now we might celebrate their film receiving an Academy Oscar.       



The Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival has carved out a special segment in its upcoming 2015 film festival dedicated exclusively for YOUNG VOICES to see and share stories middle school and high school students document. Screening their films in a theater, on the big movie screen with a live audience is our festival’s way of sprouting careers in media arts.

Help grow an artist.  Thank you

Jacqui Lofaro, Executive Director